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Sales network:

In 43 counties
Annual converting capacity: 400,500 tons



Our People:
OUR GROUP defines diversity as all of the differences that make each of us unique individuals. Our ability to attract retains, and fully engage diverse talent leads to enhanced innovation and creativity in our products and services. As such, we believe that our continuing commitment to inclusive hiring and promotion is a business imperative.

Talent management comprises the attraction, retention, engagement, and professional development of our workforce. By cultivating and deploying our employees’ skills, we can drive superior performance amidst accelerating growth and competitiveness in the  marketplace and maximize our retention of high-performing employees. Thus, we offer continuous learning opportunities at every career stage for our individual contributors, managers, and directors, with courses designed to leverage employees’ existing strengths while targeting developmental needs.

Our employees are the company's most valuable asset. We recognize the importance of developing individuals across all job levels and functions. We offer learning experiences and world-class resources that are engaging, challenging, and relevant. We provides:

  • Core corporate programs which develop professional skills such as communications, change management, coaching, and more.
  • Offerings that support employees’ transitions through critical career moments, such as when they join the company and when they are promoted to a manager role.
  • Functionally-specific training such as sales, finance, and technical support.
  • Ethics, compliance, and security awareness training.



Business Policy:

Innovation invention Expansion Environmental friendly solutions
  • We use Field Innovation to find new approaches and the inspiration to improve ourselves, while delivering added value to our customers.
  • Hashim Group companies work together to accelerate the global business expansion.
  • We provide global environmental solutions in all our business areas.

Environmental Friendly
Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations is the starting point for our efforts. Beyond these legal requirements, we continually look for innovative ways to decrease energy, water, and materials use. Our environmental strategy features four key components:

  • Green IT
  • Resource conservation by Reducing Waste through Recycling
  • Responsible packaging and delivery
  • Transportation

Governance and Ethics
Our Board of Directors has a duty to oversee all significant business issues, including strategy and long-term business plans, product issues, corporate responsibility, legal and ethical compliance, executive selection and compensation, and Board conduct. To enable the Board to successfully perform these duties, Our Group  adheres to corporate governance best practices, particularly as they relate to Board independence.

Our  Corporate Vision, Corporate Values, Principles, and Code of Conduct. By sharing and practicing the Way, we aim to continuously enhance the value of the company through the ongoing growth and development of the Hashim Group. In order to continually raise the Group's corporate value, along with pursuing management efficiency it is also necessary to control the risks that arise from business activities. Recognizing that strengthening corporate governance is essential to achieving this, the Board of Directors has articulated the Basic Stance on our Internal Control Framework, and these measures are continuously implemented.

With respect to our group of companies, our pursuing is total optimization for the  Group by clarifying each group company's role and position in the process of generating value for the group as a whole and managing the group to continuously enhance its corporate value.


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