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Hashim Industry is proudly marching towards its golden jubilee after successfully making its mark all over the globe. Today, Hashim Industry has is at the peak of its glory with its entire sister concerns performing to the best of their ability.

Under the visionary leadership, the Hashim Industry, the famous international entrepreneur, has grown rapidly since the day it was founded. Fifty years from today, the group began on its illustrious journey when the foundation of the Arabian Gulf Manufacturers was laid by Mr.Hashim Hashim. AGM has since become a name to be reckoned with in the high-technology plastic manufacturing industry and has inspired many others to follow on the footsteps of the accomplished leader.

Thanks to the management team business skills has steered the company to what it is today, not just in the eyes of the people of Saudi Arabia, but the entire Middle East and the entire world!

History of the Group - The Beginning of a New Era

The initial years were not a bed of roses. The group began as a company that made flipflops (footwear) and water cups for the pilgrim. As the group grew in size and capacity, it expanded the portfolio to other industries, notably industrial materials industry, and real estate. The group witnessed great success in these segments and began exporting plastics to European countries.

Incidentally, during this period, The GCC found itself in the middle of the construction boom. Millions came in as foreign investments and presented a unique opportunity for the local entrepreneurs to make a mark in the real estate sector. Thanks to the exceptional teamwork, the group at present has over 2300 employees working in over 43 nations. The annual cumulative production of the group is 300,000 tones.

Mission - In Pursuit of a Dream

Hashim Industry had to persevere and stay true to the dream of bringing Saudi Arabia on the world map of advanced plastics engineering. Overcoming deep hurdles, Mr.Hashim conquered the steepest of hurdles and his success is evident in the group's presence all over the globe. Headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the group has concerns not just in Middle East, but also in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Soon enough, the perseverance and hard work blossomed and Hashim Industry brands quickly becoming the first choice of every major consumer of high quality advanced plastics.

Milestones - Crowning Achievements

Arabian Gulf Manufacturers Ltd was the first venture of the group that brought success to the company. The industry is spread over a sprawling 90,000 square meter of industrial area situated close to the centre of Jeddah, which is the second largest city in the kingdom and strategically placed near maritime channels running in and out of the Red Sea. Since its inception in 1963, Gulf Maid (AGM) is a company with worldwide operations with key business partners in Europe, Asia and Africa.

but Hashim Industry management did not let the success deviate the initial dreams and they knew more had to be done in order to raise The Hashem Industry supremacy in advanced plastics in the region as well as worldwide.

Subsequently, started another plastics manufacturing and packaging industry. Prime Plastic Products (3P) was established in the year 1992, producing state-of-art packaging solutions capable of handling products like Food, Beverage and Water, Pharmaceutical, Dentifrice, Personal Care industries. Stretch & shrink wrapping. 3P was based on 100,000 sq. m area in Jeddah adjacent to the existing AGM facility. Not only does the new industry adds a new feather to the group's hat, it also expands its territorially.

After having admirably conquered the plastics and packaging industry, next in line was something that provided the group an avenue to increase its portfolio without wandering off its favorite industry, which was plastic manufacturing.

The shrewd leader in Mr.Hashem saw the opportunity in the construction materials. The group had an immense experience in manufacturing plastics, so the transition was rather easy for it to make and the consequential profits were enormous. The pros of entering the HDPE pipes manufacturing industry outweighed the cons, so in the year 2000 the all new Gulf Manufacturers (GM) began operations in Cairo/Egypt, and started manufacturing HDPE pipes. Gulf Manufacturers has an annual output of 72,000 Metric Tonnes.

In the following years, Hashim Industry expanded the pipes portfolio to construction industry that was riding on huge wave of foreign investments in Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Buoyed by strong demands from builders and construction workers, RAKtherm immediately became a big name not just in the immediate region, but also in the entire region. Every year 9000 metric tonnes of PP-R pipes roll out of RakTherm which is then shipped all over the region. With efficient administration, great workforce working in factories spread over 40,000 sq. m, and its strategic position at Ras Al Khaimah, it was soon becoming clear that the company would soon become the one and only name in high quality constructions pipes.


The group is also present in the region as supplier of fast food and beverages made locally as well as internationally. The Rawasy Al Khaleej Plastic Ind. is located in Sharjah and was established in the year 1994.

In the later years, the group began showing interest in real estate, communications, and then later high performance plastic solutions. To that end, Hashim Industry unveiled in 2012 a brand new venture to cater to the global market that needed high performance plastic solutions. Added-value plastic products are manufactured and made in cutting edge factory of TAHWEEL Industry in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

In a nutshell, every initiative taken by the Hashem Industry is guided by the teamwork, and hence every step is a realization of the dreams that the founder had seen for the group.

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