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The path from innovation and ground breaking scientific advances to successful consumer products depends on convening the best global resources, experience and talent.

At Hashim Industries , we strongly believe in collaborating closely with partners who share a common dream and have the similar goals of making the future better through innovative and consumer-centric products. Our partners choose us because of our business ethics, unfailing commitment to provide satisfactory services and our ability to cut costs with the help of new technology in plastics conversion.

Pepsi has made beverage the favourite drink across generations of consumers. Besides Pepsi-Cola, the company owns some of the world’s most recognizable brands. In the Middle East the company has partnered with us for its bottling and distribution needs.

Nestle is the world’s largest food company and by reports, it is all set to double its Middle East sales to 3.3 billion USD in the next few years. Nestle has joined hands with many partners to reach international markets and here in the Middle East, we are one of the top partners of Nestle.

With a turnover in excess of €5 billion in 2012, Unilever is perhaps the most well-known name across the entirety of the Kingdom because of its over 400 brands of healthcare and consumer products, and it’s a matter of pride that we help them reach every household in the middle east!


Established in 1873 and headquartered in Ohio, USA, P&G is among the top lifestyle and healthcare company with an annual sales of $ 82,559 million worldwide and it has a very strong presence in the Middle East. The Hashem Group is the company of choice for P&G’s Middle East operations.

Another company that is synonymous with cold beverages is Coca Cola. The company has operations worldwide and is growing in presence and significance. The Hashem Group has helped the company perform strongly by aligning with the company’s business goals.



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